Bankruptcy Relief


Deciding whether or not to file bankruptcy is one of the hardest decisions for an individual or family to be faced with.  Whether you are facing mounting credit card debt or medical bills, repossession of a vehicle or foreclosure of your home, it is important that you seek an experienced Omaha bankruptcy attorney who can tell you what your rights are and allow you take control of the situation.  If the harassing telephone calls and threatening letters are keeping you up at night with worry, it is time to put your mind at ease and contact an Iowa or Nebraska bankruptcy lawyer.  Together we can make a plan.

Stressed Over Money

There are different types of bankruptcy and the type of bankruptcy that will give you the most relief depends on your unique set of circumstances.  Most people do not lose property in a bankruptcy proceeding.  However, it is important to choose the right type of bankruptcy in order to protect what you do have from your creditors and get the fresh start you are entitled to.  Thompson Law Office in west Omaha is a law firm that can represent debtors in Chapter 7 (seven) and Chapter 13 (thirteen) bankruptcy cases.

Information on Types of Personal Bankruptcy Filings

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the simplest type of bankruptcy and most common debts are forgiven in a Chapter 7 proceeding.  Some debts that are NOT forgiven in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are most income tax obligations, child support or alimony, and student loans.  No payments are made to your creditors in a Chapter 7 case and there is usually only one hearing that you need to attend.  When you engage Thompson Law Office, your bankruptcy attorney will attend the hearing with you and provide you the guidance and legal advice you need to feel at ease.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often referred to as a wage-earner or repayment plan.  It provides a way for people who have gotten behind on their debts an opportunity to repay them based upon the amount of income and the amount of debt owed.  Together we will make a plan based upon your best interest and the requirements of the law.  There is one hearing that you must attend and your bankruptcy lawyer will attend the hearing with you.  In most circumstances, Chapter 13 allows debtors who have fallen behind on mortgage or car payments to keep the property they have and restructure the payments in a way that is affordable.

Filing bankruptcy will stop the following:

  • Creditor Phone Calls
  • Lawsuits
  • Foreclosure
  • Repossession
  • Garnishment

Call Thompson Law Office today to set up a free bankruptcy consultation to discuss your legal options with an experienced Nebraska or Iowa bankruptcy attorney who will help you take control of the situation.  Thompson Law Office in southwest Omaha can be reached toll-free at 1-888-934-0198, or in the metro Omaha area at 402-934-0198.

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