Judgment Collection and Enforcement

So you obtained a judgment – default, summary, or otherwise – now what?

For someone who is aggrieved, getting a judgment in court is only half the process towards being made whole.  Sometimes the more challenging part is collecting on your judgment.  Unfortunately, the courts and law enforcement do not automatically do this for parties to a lawsuit.  If you have a judgment and are wondering how to collect on it, you owe it to yourself to receive professional legal counsel on judgment enforcement from a lawyer.

Thompson Law Office assists individuals and businesses in enforcing judgments obtained in small claims court, county court, or district court.   We serve communities throughout Nebraska.  If you have questions about how to collect money from someone who owes you money under a default judgment or other judgment, contact an attorney at Thompson Law Office in west Omaha, Nebraska.

Judgment Enforcement and Collection Law Practice Areas:

Thompson Law Office provides practical advice and passionate advocacy to clients trying to enforce a court order or judgment against another party, including:

  • registering county court judgments with district courts
  • use of judgment liens on real property
  • use of judgment liens on personal property (“Praecipe for Execution,” “Writ of Execution,” seizure and sale by sheriff)
  • wage garnishment (“Affidavit and Praecipe for Summons in Garnishment,” “Answers to Garnishment Interrogatories,” “Application and Order of Continuing Lien,” “Application and Order for Delivery,” “Application to Determine Garnishee Liability”)
  • attachments (“Order of Attachment”)
  • responding to exemptions by debtor (challenges to executions and garnishments)
  • self-help repossession of collateral (after “Right to Cure” and default)
  • handling fraudulent conveyances (Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act)
  • registering, enforcing and collecting on foreign judgments

Looking for Judgment Collection Legal Assistance?

For more information or to schedule a consultation with a Nebraska collection law attorney, contact Thompson Law Office.  You may initiate a phone call with Thompson Law Office immediately by using the “click-to-call” button to the top of this screen or chat live with a representative.

Free legal information about Nebraska law
You may also find the following free legal resources useful as you decide which lawyer to consult about your judgment enforcement law matter.  These brochures were prepared by the Nebraska State Bar Association:

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