July 11

Omaha Municipal Land Bank ordinance taken up by City Council

An ordinance to establish the Omaha Municipal Land Bank was introduced to the Omaha City Council on July 1, 2014. The Omaha Municipal Land Bank is intended to “facilitate the return of vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties to productive use.” The Nebraska Legislature enacted the Nebraska Municipal Land Bank Act in 2013 to establish a.

June 2

“Legalese,” the Plain English Movement and Good Drafting

“Legalese,” the Plain English Movement and Good Drafting Contract law is the foundation of business. Unfortunately, many lawyers draft contracts in “Legalese” – they fill their documents with archaic terms, redundancies, awkward phrases, ambiguities, and worthless boilerplate. This increases the likelihood of misunderstandings and decreases the productivity of everyone associated with the transaction. Moreover, the.

May 30

Do you need a prenuptial agreement lawyer in Nebraska?

When a couple is contemplating marriage in Nebraska, it makes sense to consider getting advice from a prenuptial agreement lawyer. Is a premarital agreement enforceable in Nebraska? Nebraska statutes and case law address the enforceability of prenuptial agreements (sometimes called “antenuptial agreements” or a “prenup”).  If you want to make sure that your prenup will.

May 28

Corporate Fiduciary Duties — Owed in Family or Conglomerate

Corporate Fiduciary Duties — Owed in Family or Conglomerate

Are there still fiduciary duties  in a family owned or “closely held” business in Nebraska? Are they different or relaxed because the stockholders all happen to be related to management? The answer is yes, there are fiduciary obligations, and no, they are not different or relaxed. The law does not distinguish between fiduciary duties applicable to a.

April 23

Omaha Attorney Nick Halbur to present on paying for long-term care, including Medicaid and veteran’s benefits

What resources are available for long-term care? In partnership with the Omaha Public Library, Nebraska elder law attorney Nick Halbur and other long-term care professionals are presenting free educational seminars for those making the transition into retirement. Nick will present an introduction to the options available for planning for and paying for long-term care needs, including.

April 4

Sexual Orientation and Gender Discrimination Bill Up for Consideration by Unicameral

The Nebrsaka Judicary Committe voted in favor of adding sexual orientation and gender discrimination to Nebraska’s bases for prohibited discrimination in employment. One of Nebraska’s gubernatorial candidates is not pleased. “Omaha Sen. Beau McCoy pledged Monday to filibuster the bill. He had filed several amendments to LB 485, including one to kill the bill, prior.

April 1

Attorney Ben Thompson wins appeal of real estate case at Nebraska Court of Appeals

Thompson Law Office is pleased to announce that attorney Ben Thompson and the Omaha legal team won a successful appeal of a real estate case involving the Nebraska Condominium Act. The Nebraska Court of Appeals issued a published decision today reversing and remanding the case to the trial court in Douglas County for further proceedings.  The opinion can.

April 1

Avoiding discriminatory questions by small businesses in job interviews

Small business owners looking to hire new employees in Nebraska can easily get tripped up by local, state and federal laws regulating employment practices.  Generally, once employers have 15 or more employees, employment discrimination becomes an issue for small businesses. The laws regulating employment practices apply to the entire employment cycle, beginning with hiring.  Interviewing.